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Vicks and Iodex Can Take Your Baby’s Life, Beware!

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Vicks and Iodex can be seriously dangerous for your kid. There are many mothers you use these things when the kid has blocked nose or something.

This is a little effort to raise awareness about the thing which is causing great harm to our babies without our knowledge. There are tons of videos on youtube claiming that fact that it is seriously dangerous for the baby.

Please read this article with all your attention. It is the matter of your kids’ lives!

A person shared following note;

“Before I lay down on my bed tonight, having a lot of exhausting work at a 12 hour shift in an emergency ward in a hospital I work. It is indeed an emotionally draining job. But I am taking my time to write this and warn all the parents about the facts they are unable to see.

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Today I encountered a mother who had baby in her arms, came to the emergency ward. Baby was turning blue and the mother was panicking. I immediatly rushed towards her and grab the baby from her arms and started to give the baby oxygen but baby did not respond. I started to give the baby CPR.

During I was giving the baby CPR and kept pushing the baby’s chest then all of a sudden a blackish stuff started coming out of baby’s nose and mouth. This matter smelt strongly of Iodex or Vicks which is am not sure which one was it but I can tell it is either Iodex or Vicks.

The pediatrics department did their best to take all this matter out of his body and finally the baby was fine. Pediatrics department suctioned out about 3cc fluid from the baby’s lungs. But all of a sudden the baby lost the battle of his life, and he was gone.

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After confirmation of the baby’s death the mother confirmed that she used Iodex and Vicks for pains and blocked nose and the baby had just turned 3 months old the day he died.

So this is an important article for every parent who is reading and if you are not a parent then please forwords this message to the parents having little babies. Because these two medicines are used very frequently to cure the pain and to clear the blocked nose.

Please do not use Vicks and Iodex or any other ointment without going to doctor. Even if your kid is just coughing, simply go to the general physician and get it checked.

And it is also linked with cancer.”

Share this message, save lives!

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