The Weeknd donates $2.5m to Gaza

Famous Canadian donates $2.5 million to WFP to help Gaza.
the weeknd
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NEW YORK – The UN World Food Programme (WFP) announced that the donation of its goodwill ambassador will provide 4 million emergency meals for more than 173,000 people in Gaza affected by the war

As per the UN World Food Programme (WFP), the famous Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye known as The Weeknd has donated $2.5 Million to WFP to help people in Gaza. Abel was appointed as a goodwill ambassador of WFP in October 2021. After reviewing the horrific consequences of the attacks on Gaza the famous singer decided to use his fund, the XO Humanitarian Fund to proceed with the donation

The donation will aid the WFP in arranging food and health supplies for the affected Palestinians in Gaza. As per the reports, the donation will provide 4 million emergency meals and will feed more than 173,000 people for two weeks. The food will be approximately 820 tons in total

Corinne Fleischer, the director for Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe stated in a statement that the conflict has resulted in severe starvation in the area. Keeping in light the crucial situation the WFP is trying its best possible to provide aid to Gazans. However, more aid is required as thousands of Palestinians have been affected. The director further thanked The Weeknd for his generous funds and hoped that other people would do the same and support WFP’s efforts

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