Saudi Arabia Uses AI During Hajj 2023 To Make It Easier

AI in Hajj 2023

SDAIA used technology to provide pilgrims from around the world with a more efficient and convenient Hajj experience.

  • Identifying and verifying pilgrims’ identities was performed using a mobile device called Banana.
  • Also, to help pilgrims on their journey, Tawakklna developed an app and a service app.
  • In addition to helping pilgrims from Saudi Arabia, they expanded their services abroad.

Among the digital solutions they developed and implemented were the banana device and the Tawakklna app, which were implemented with the help of other government agencies.

SDAIA uses technology to make Hajj easier

To facilitate pilgrims’ entry into Saudi Arabia and the performance of Hajj rituals, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) used technology. To ensure that pilgrims had a smooth journey, they worked with other government agencies.

How SDAIA used technology

To identify and verify pilgrims’ identities, SDAIA used a mobile device called Banane. Consequently, crowd identification procedures were automated, enhancing the pilgrims’ experience.

As well as developing the Tawakklna app, they also developed the Tawakklna services app to help pilgrims on their journey.

In addition to reviewing the Hajj pilgrims card, entering the Holy Sites permits, assistance services, and volunteer cards, these apps provide a wide range of features.

How SDAIA expanded their services

To assist pilgrims from other countries, SDAIA expanded its services outside of Saudi Arabia. During their journey to Saudi Arabia, they participated in the Makkah Road initiative for the first time.

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