15 Dead After Roof of A Mosque Collapsed in Pakistan

khairpur mosque collapse 2382022

The roof of a mosque collapsed in Khairpur on Monday, killing 15 flood victims, while rain-induced floods killed 18 in Taunsa Sharif.

A mosque’s roof collapsed near the Ahmedpur area of Khairpur, causing 15 deaths and 70 injuries. A mosque was said to have provided shelter to flood victims.

Various parts of Sindh, including Khairpur, have been devastated by torrential rains. As a result of rain-induced flooding, hundreds of houses have been destroyed, and people have died. Submerged areas remain in several places.

Due to rains, there have also been deaths and injuries resulting from caving-in of house roofs and flooding in Taunsa Sharif and Mount Sulaiman.

Thousands of houses have been destroyed, livestock has been washed away, dozens of settlements have been destroyed, more than 100 settlements have been exposed to floodwater, and millions of acres of land have been submerged.

There are flood relief camps in all government schools in the flood-affected area. The severe food shortage in flood-affected areas resulted in skyrocketing food prices, further adding to their misery.

Due to a lack of access to land routes, rescue agencies had severe difficulties carrying out the relief operation.

Inter-Services Public Relations reports that the Pakistan Army is also conducting rescue and relief operations in Taunsa Sharif, DG Khan, and Rajanpur.

“With the help of boats, military forces moved elderly people, women, and children to a safe location in Taunsa.”

DG Khan and Rajanpur medical campuses are assisting the sick and injured, according to the ISPR.

“The medical camps set up in Rajanpur have provided free treatment to more than 3,000 patients.”


The Federal Flood Commission (FFC) predicts flooding in the DG Khan division’s hill torrents, rivers, and nullahs in eastern Balochistan.

FFC report predicts high flood levels at Taunsa Barrage from August 23 to 26, 2022, due to flows from DG Khan Division hill torrents.

During the same period, it also forecasts urban flooding in Sindh.

From August 23 to 26, there was also a vigorous monsoon activity in Sargodha, Peshawar, Kohat, and DI Khan divisions, South Punjab, and Balochistan, including the upper catchments of the Indus and Kabul rivers.

In addition to round-the-clock patrolling river embankments and training works, the FFC advised organizations concerned to ensure all precautionary measures.

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