Muslim Men Flogged In Public In India By Policemen

Muslim men flogged in India

Police officers in plain clothes are shown in viral videos tying their hands with poles and beating Muslim men.

After being arrested for allegedly throwing stones at a Hindu religious event, Navratri Garba, in Gujarat state, Indian police tied Muslim men to a pole and publicly flogged them with canes.

In viral videos, police officers in plain clothes can be seen beating Muslim men with their hands tied. A large crowd cheered and chanted slogans while police officials were also present, according to NDTV.

In the video, the police teach 10-11 heretics a lesson in public during a police demonstration in Undhela village, according to local news outlet VTV Gujarati News.

According to the report, the men apologized to the public, and the police inspector responsible for the area was also present.

The video prompted people to question the police’s “kangaroo justice” on Twitter.

In an incident reported by the Indian news agency PTI, a mob of approximately 150 people threw stones at a Garba event held at a temple last night. Forty-three a result, people have been charged in connection with the incident.

As per the first information report (FIR), members of the Muslim community in the village objected to the Garba event being organized near a mosque across the street from the temple.

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