Video Games That Openly Insult Islam [VIDEO]

Video games have become a part of every teenager’s or every adult’s life. They play it on their Xbox or PS4 but these games are spreading hatred against the religion of Islam.
Video Games Are Openly Insulting Islam
Photo by JESHOOTS from Pexels

We have seen some games that are very famous among the younger such as Call of Duty, Resident Evil and many others games, these games are very famous as well and many people pay smart money to play them on their consoles or PCs.

But they do not know that indirectly how these video games have been poisoning people’s minds.

This is indeed a time that all the Muslims should be worried about. It is something that hurts Muslims’ sentiments and is not morally correct to attack someone’s religion just like that.

Including these major youngsters, the biggest chunk of Muslim Gamers also plays these games actively without knowing the kind of harm it is causing them and the religion they follow.

In the video below you will see the references of how they have used their games to insult Islam. This video consists of the major parts of the games to prove how they have used their filthy tactics in these games to insult Islam openly.

Watch how these Video Games are doing inappropriate things to degrade Islam

This is indeed heartbreaking to see people disrespecting Islam like that. If you think we have missed any of the games that consist of any kind of blasphemous content then do let us know in the comment section below so we as a Muslim can protest against this by boycotting all sorts of games that insult Islam in their content.

People are insulting Islam just for a few likes and followers, without knowing that one day all the people have to go into their graves. May Allah protect all of us, Ameen!

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