Descendants of Owais Qarni RA After Still Looking After The Cloak of Prophet Muhammad

Cloak of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Every Muslim love our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) from the core of their heart. Everything related to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is respected and is taken care of. Due to which, Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Cloak is protected by His adherers. In accordance with recent news, a family residing in Fathi, Istanbul is safeguarding His Holy Cloak. They have been maintaining it since the seventh century.

The cloak is present at the moment in a Mosque in Turkey. As the data received, many people gather around the door of the Mosque to have its sight in an old district of Istanbul, in the month of Ramadan. In the month of Ramadan, a big amount of Muslims from all around the world gathers at this Mosque. The only purpose of visiting this 160-year-old Mosque is to have a view of the cloak of our Prophet (PBUH), which is called “Hirka-i-Sharif”.

The Successors of Hazrat Owais Qarni (RA)

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The surprising fact here is that the family believes that the cloak maintains links to the holy tree. This family comes directly as the successors of Owais Qarni (RA). Owais (RA) was the peer of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and used to deeply adore Him (PBUH). It is said that this cloak was gifted to Him.

This family is since then protecting the cloak throughout the 13 centuries from every generation to another generation. At the moment, the mechanical engineer, Baris Samir is safeguarding the cloak being Owais Qarni’s (RA) 59th descendant.

The status of Hazrat Owais Qarni (RA) in Islam

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Prophet Owais (RA) maintains a unique part in the history of Islam. His fascinating details have impacted a lot of Muslim Sufis and Muslim Scholars. He was a Yemeni local. Though Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Owais (RA) never met directly, their love is undoubted.

Once He visited Madinah to meet the Holy Prophet (PBUH), but He had to rush back to His sick mother and thus left the place without meeting Him. Because of this happening, Prophet (PBUH) guided Ali (RA) and Hazrat Omar (RA) to give His cloak to Owais Qarni (RA). And since that moment, his successors are protecting this cloak. Though they never happened to meet spiritually, yet Owais (RA) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) maintain a very special and a close link.

He is also considered as the Sufi master by a lot of Sufis. He, Owais Karni (RA), also commuted to the northern area if Iraq to fought from the side of Ali (RA), who is the son-in-law of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the fourth pious caliph concerning the Siffin battle which was fought against the Umayyad Caliph Muawiyah.

Additionally, the successors that are linked to Owais (RA) resided within Iraq till the 18th century. But because of hardships, they had to shift to western Turkey. The ruler of the Ottoman Empire of the 18th century, Sultan Abdul Hamid constructed a building to maintain the cloak. Later on, that place became crowded with visitors.

These successors of Owais Qarni (RA) are doing an amazing job. They are following their duty wholeheartedly to secure the cloak as well as abiding by the other guidance provided by our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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