Bollywood Actress Malaika Arora Tells Her Fans The Islamic Way Of Drinking Water

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora has tweeted her discovery of a unique and healthy way to fulfill the water intake. Lately, she updated the secret of drinking water on a social platform.


Celebrities who are promoting a healthy lifestyle, need praises, including his centuries-old religious teaching, whose self-discovery isn’t a smart move to be labeled on The Bollywood celebrity and actress, Malaika Arora Khan, updated her Instagram and shared the secret with her 11.2 million fans. She stated that we work hard every day to keep ourselves healthy and fit. And in these efforts, people often forget the basic rules.

These basics even include our water intake. drinking water the right way is also as essential as its intake is, which we usually do not consider. Then she shared her advice to follow the easiest act in a simple manner.

Though we admire her ren of revitalizing ad getting #backtobasics, the 46-year-old celebrity shouldn’t self-proclaimed it and had done a little research on it. Malaika Arora also uploaded a video in which she had stated that the best way to drink water is to sit down and then sip it rather than standing and gulping it.

On the other hand, our religion Isam has been guiding about this right way of drinking water to its followers since a very long time, It is the proper and healthy way to have water as:

  • Our saliva posses and alkaline nature and thus it requires time to get mixed with water so that it can stabilize the acid present in our stomach
  • It allows our body system to get familiar with the liquid’s temperature.
  • Drinking water in a go can disturb our stomach cycle.

And when discussing its scientific relevance, the word of science have also encouraged it as the best way to complete the water intake.

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