16 Famous International Products You Didn’t Know Are HARAM!

haram Famous International Products

Famous International Products contains haram ingredients and this list includes a number of famous international products you will be amazed to see.

These following are Haram (Prohibited) for all the Muslims around the world as these products contain white and red wine, gelatin and E120, which is color preservation of Pork. We at The Islamic Information strives to bring informative things to keep Muslims all across the globe about the things which normally they do not know about.

Here are the 16 Famous International Products that you should never eat.

1. Pop Tarts (USA)

Pop Tarts (USA) haram
Photo Credit: Ephemeral Noms

2. Jell-O (USA)

Jell-O haram
Photo Credit: thefoodcharlatan.com

3. Heinz Dinner Chicken (UK)

Heinz Dinner Chicken haram
Photo Credit: Amazon UK

4. Pasta Creamy Chicken (USA)

Pasta Creamy Chicken HARAM
Photo Credit: Amazon.com

5. Pasta Chicken Broccoli (USA)

Pasta Chicken Broccoli HARAM
Photo Credit: Instacart

6. Rice Chicken Broccoli (USA)

Rice Chicken Broccoli haram
Photo Credit: amazon.com

7. Tulip Chicken (Denmark)

Tulip Chicken haram
Photo Credit: Tulip

8. Knorr Chicken Soup (France)

Knorr Chicken Soup haram
Photo Credit: Flipkart

9. Slim A Soup (UK)

Slim A Soup haram
Photo Credit: Amazon UK

10. Picnic Chicken (USA)

Picnic Chicken haram
Photo Credit: Amazon.in

11. Skittles Fruit (UK)

Skittles Fruit haram
Photo Credit: Bestway Wholesale

12. Pascual Yogikids (Spain)

Pascual Yogikids haram
Photo Credit: Calidad Pascual

13. Chupa Bubble (Holland)

Chupa Bubble haram
Photo Credit: Your Spanish Corner

14. Bubblicious (UK)

Bubblicious haram
Photo Credit: Amazon UK

15. Chicken Tonight (Holland)

Chicken Tonight haram
Photo Credit: produkteausholland.de

16. Cup A Soup (UK)

Cup A Soup haram
Photo Credit: Convenience Store

Please spread this information as much as you can so people can know about these product and refrain from buying such products when they visit super markets.

The most interesting thing is that all of these products are easily available in all small and big stores and that includes Muslim countries as well and a number of Muslims are actively using these products without having any knowledge that this is something prohibited for them.

So, as Muslims, it is our duty to spread this information to all our Muslim brothers and Sisters and if we missed out any other product do not forget to name it in the comments below.

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