All About Qurbani/Udhiya: Eligibility, Rules, Nisab, and Distribution

Qurbani Udhiya Eligibility Rules Nisab Distribution

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As we’re getting lots of questions related to Qurbani (Udhiya) on our Islamic Forums for Questions and Answers, we decided to answer them all.

What is Qurbani/Udhiya?

is qurbani farz
Nandhu Kumar

The Udhiyah (Qurbani) is a highly religious ritual within Islam that every financially-abled Muslim is obliged to follow to please Allah (SWT). In Udhiyah, we recall the Unity of Allah Almighty. His mercy and blessings for us and the following of Ibrahim (AS) for Allah Almighty. It basically follows the slaughtering of sheep, cow, camels, and goat in order to receive the pleasures from Allah. Qurbani is due to be followed on the 10th of Zil Hajj and the subsequent days, but after offering the Eid prayer.

Who is eligible for Qurbani (Udhiyah)?

who is qurbani compulsory on
Peter Neumann

It is an obligation on every Muslim who maintains a monthly salary and could take out enough amount for the Udhiyah. The ones who can afford is required to follow the Qurbani.

This is also mentioned in a hadith Narrated by Ibn Maajah, 3123, which is classed as Hasan al-Albaani in Ibn Majah which states;

hadith about udhiya

On the other hand, this matter remains the same for both genders. No other rules are in the case of a woman. If a lady if living on her own or with her children, then they would also be obliged to follow Udhiyah, if possible.

hadith about qurbani

Being a man isn’t a condition that needs to be followed to perform this obligation of the Qur’an. It demands both males and females equally as the proof for it a necessity of a Sunnah implies to both every human.

Cited in al-Mawsoo‘ah al-Fiqhiyyah (5/81) and al-Majmoo‘ah al-Fiqhiyyah, 5/79-81.

What is the nisab for Qurbani?

nisab for Qurbani
Patryk Sobczak

Muslims believe in Qurbani as optional worship. There isn’t any nisab concerning Udhiyah after having which one is a necessity to follow the Qurbani. Thus, it depends on the person to plan out whether he can afford the Udhiyah or not. If only we knew the significance of this form of worship, we would take loans to only follow the ritual. Just as we demand loans for our necessary projects. 

The rules to be followed concerning meat distribution after performing Qurbani?

meat distribution after performing Qurbani
Taras Kasich

The meat collected from sacrificing the animals should be distributed into three equal parts. It should be distributed among, the poor, friends, and family (including both; non-Muslims and Muslims). If you follow Qurbani with some partners involve in it, the meat shouldn’t be divided by approximation but by weight.

You can not serve meat on behalf of money to the butcher, by-products, or fats of the animal. You can keep the animal skin your personal use. But if you sell it, the amount should be donated to the poor.

How many Qurbani per family?

How many Qurbani per family
Six Ridges Farm

Every Muslim should perform single Qurbani which would be then divided into three portions. For instance, one Qurbani can be done of a goat or a sheep. But among larger animals, such as buffaloes and camels, you can count up to seven people’s sacrifice.

Qurbani rules: Husband and Wife?

Two Muslims won’t be able to manage in a share. One share is allotted for one person only. It is applied to sheep, goats, etc. These animals serve one share animals. But, if you maintain a seven share animal, the husband can opt to purchase a single share and the wife can also buy another single portion. So that they both can have their part and can benefit from the animal.

The person who gives money for the other person to follow Qurbani would inshAllah get a reward for it. But, that topic is totally a separate one. Yet, a wife may allow her spouse to buy and slaughter another whole animal for her. [Ibn Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar]

Is it possible to have Qurbani for child?

The right answer on the basis of which Fatwa is made is present in the Hanafi Mazhab is that Qurbani isn’t Wajib on a child nor it is Wajib on the child’s guardian.

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