5 Islamic Ways To Deal With Hardships In Islam

Islamic Ways To Deal With Hardships In Islam

Hardships are a part of everyone’s life, as all around the world many Muslims are facing different hardships. But Islam taught a way out to all the Muslims.

1. Reacheach Allah by offering Salah five times a day

Reach Allah by offering namaz five times a day
Artur Aldyrkhanov

The best way to talk to Allah (SWT) is to pray five times every day. While praying, you recite Surahs five times daily and share all the problems you are going through. Hence, if you ever get upset or worried, stop whatever you were doing and offer a prayer to get relief from all problems.

2. Recitation of Holy Quran with translation

holy koran cover
Ashkan Forouzani

Indulging into a recitation with translation gives knowledge and guidance for the problems. It is always better to recite the Holy Quran with its translation to understand and refresh the Islamic teachings.

3. During Dua, share your problems with Allah

share your problems with Allah
Jeremy Yap

If you don’t have anyone to share your problems with or don’t feel comfortable doing so, revert to Allah as He is the Generous. Release all your feelings and tensions to him with the help of Dua, share your desires through Dua. More: Duas for Depression and Sadness

4. Follow the teachings of Sadaqah

make a change charity
Kat Yukawa

Develop the habit of giving charity in any form which is possible; either cash or clothing, etc. Your help is just required to be useful for the needy ones depending on the charity. Don’t rely on helping only through money if you are unable someday, as Allah counts every act of help.

5. Don’t lose hope!

everything is going to be alright aesthetic picture
Paolo Bendandi

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has stated;

Evil omen is false! I like Al-Fa’al (good omen).

Prophet (PBUH)

Hardships are the tests from Allah which are not preventable. Thus, we Muslims are required to pass such situations by staying faithful with the will of Allah. Only He has the power to decide our faith.

Don’t lose hope in the hard of failing times. Just abide by the teachings of Islam and follow the acts that were taught to us.

Always stay hopeful by keeping in mind that this tough time would pass and better days would come soon.

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