United States Council Labelled Rohingya Muslim Genocide As A Conspiricy To End Muslims

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More than 7 million people are forced to shelter refugees in Bangladeshi refugees.

Washington: US Assembly (United States Council) members ratified the Rohingya Council’s declaration as a “conspiracy against Muslims” by a large majority.

A resolution was presented in the US House of Representatives (Congress) against opposition to the Myanmar army, which said that the Myanmar army is doing a genocide of Rohingya Muslims. The House now officially advocates that measures adopted by the collective violence policies and the Myanmar government have been considered to be a genocide for Rohingya’s disintegration. The House passed the resolution with heavy majority, in favor of the resolution 394, when there was only one vote in opposition.

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The United States Council has earlier stated in its report that Myanamar Army is involved in massacres and massacres including genocide, which was rejected by the Myanmar army, but now the Embassy of the Republic of Washington, which was immediately established in the House of Representatives No statement issued on the given feedback.

It is clear that Rohingya Muslims belonging to Myanmarovaj and extremist Buddhism are linked from where 7 million people are forced to shelter refugees in Bangladeshi refugees camp.

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