UK Launched Disposable Sterile Hijabs For Muslim Nurses and Doctors

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According to the Hospital Trust, UK initiated hair covering scarves “Disposable Sterile Hijabs” which are sterile and disposable for their hospital staff to support them in their operation theatre processes.

A Muslim Junior Doctor of Royal Derby Hospital; Farah Roslan came up with this solution during her training. It was due to the prevailing concern of infections related to her hijaab worn the whole day, she shared. In those days, she was a medical student of Royal Derby Hospital and Burton NHS Trust who nowadays works at Lincolnshire.

UK Has Launched Disposable Sterile Hijabs For Muslim Nurses and Doctors
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton via BBC News

NHS England has planned the idea just for individual trusts whereas the supportive objects were hoped to be utilized nationally.

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She quoted that she used to wear a headscarf throughout the day which obviously wouldn’t stay clean and hygienic, stated by BBC Radio Derby.

“She didn’t feel comfortable taking it off and she was pulled out from the theatre, respectfully, due to infection control.”

She wanted a path between concerned work aspects and faith. For the purpose of motivation and ideas, Farah looked into her birth country for designing and testing of the fabric. She is content with her idea and looking forward to endorsing it throughout England.

Consultant Surgeon Gill Tierney also said that Farah initiated this disposable idea in the UK, Cost of developing it was not high however, it is hoped that the outcome would be enormous.

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further added that it’s a silent issue across the country which she doesn’t feel is addressed formally.

The disposable sterile headscarves would be implemented and available to use in the early December as decided by Burton NHS Trust and University Hospitals of Derby.

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