Turkey To Cut Diplomatic Ties With UAE After Deal with Israel

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Turkey is planning to completely cut diplomatic ties with UAE (United Arab Emirates) and to exempt its ambassador regarding the accord of Gulf state to make the relation simple with Israel, as per Tayyip Erdogan on Friday. 

The Foreign Ministry of Turkey added that no one would ever forget this hypocritical move followed by UAE on accepting such agreement.

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The initial among the Gulf Arab and Israel, i.e. the US-brokered, the Jewish state accepted not to cut off its planned annexation on the West Bank places which are occupied. The leaders of Palestine denounced as they felt its a “stab in their back” considering their situation.

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Erdogan added that this move taken against Palestine could not be accepted. Currently, Palestine might close or withdraw their embassy. This exact move is eligible for them now.

He further shared with the reporters, after the Friday prayers, that he had directed his foreign ministry to follow the suspension of the diplomatic relations with the leaders of UAE, or they may call back their ambassador.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry shared that the locals of Palestine were right when they rejected the deal of UAE.

It said that the conscience of the locals and the history won’t ever forget and forgive this hypocritical behavior. It is a very upsetting move followed by the United Arab Emirates who maintains the unilateral action yet moved away from the Arab Peace Plan (2002) established by the Arab League.

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Turkey possesses trade and diplomatic relations with Israel but these relations are strained for years. Back in 2010, the commandos of Israel killed about ten activists of Turkey who were trying to pass by a blockade formed on the Gaza Strip.

This deal made UAE land as the third nation to have full relations with Israel after Egypt and Jordan. Saudi Arabia might also sign a deal with Israel.

What do you think what will happen to Palestine after UAE-Israel Deal? Join discussion in our forums.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Fantastic Move by the Courageous and Tenacious Leader of Muslims to isolate those cowards and hypocrites of the UAE, who don’t realize that the zionists will destroy them from within.

They could never infiltrate Turkey or Iran. So they are trying another route.

How can a 4000 year old betrayer of Allah and His Prophets be trusted ever.

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