This Documentary on Syrian War Is a Must Watch – For Sama

This Documentary on Syrian War Is a Must Watch

Documentary on Syrian War made by Waad while she was enrolled in the University of Aleppo to study Economic back in the year 2011, Waad al- Kateab (pseudonym i.e. not the real name in order to secure the relatives) joined the protest of thousands of students concerning Bashar al-Assad’s brutal leading.

An optimistic and energized political movement prevailing throughout the nation, during the Arab Spring, Waad along with her university classmates stood against the democratic reforms and appreciating the citizen’s civil freedom.

What was their hope? That the Syrian young president may hold the security forces of the nation to report and have a stop concerning the enhancing state of militaristic.

Alternatively, Assad guided servicemen to shoot live rounds towards the protesters, preserving hundreds in detention, consisting of Hamza al-Khateeb, a 13-year-old boy who got badly injured and was beaten to death. Upset on getting no coverage over the situation from the native press, Waad held up her camera.

She stated that there was a big gap, the ruling side was managing itself all the channels of information, every paper, every journalist, and thus they had to create our own channel of media. That was the moment when she started filming on the streets as it became essential for her, she added.

Documentary on Syrian War, For Sama, the impact of her decision became the most powerful, inspiring and significant piece of making the film in the recent decade.

From the first increase in the Aleppo till the city’s dismissal done by Russia supported forces of Assad, documented for five years, the film is known intimate and epic both equally in a manner that it holds the experience of a woman in a war.

The lady, who was at first not ready with the camera as she had an uncertainty of becoming a filmmaker ended up developing the film’s huge power.

Where to watch Documentary on Syrian War – For Sama?

We have uploaded it on YouTube Here as a private video, and if you’re unable to watch on it on YouTube link we gave, then get it from Amazon or Google Play.

HT: IndieWire

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