Russian Strike In Syria Kills 544 Including 130 Children – BBC

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At least 544 people have been killed including 130 children lost their lives in a Russian strike in the northwestern area of Syria as per Independent.

SNHR (Syrian Network for Human Rights), stated that the area had been highly hit with incendiary weapons and cluster bombs.

More than 2,000 people have been injured as stated by UN (United Nations).

Russian military and its Syrian allies have been bombing civilians and medical facilities.

Fadel Abdul Ghany

Airstrike on Kafr Nabl hospital is said to be the 30th air strike on the Hospitals as thousands left wounded without having any access to any medical facility.

Bombing 30 Hospitals is not an accident!

Dr Khaula Sawah, vice president Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations

Although Russia and their Syrian allies have been refusing the report. But residents say that these attacks are making their daily lives like hell on earth.

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Cover Photo: AFP

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