Russian Strikes Has Killed 18,000 in 3 Years in Syria, Report

Russian Strikes Killed 18,000 Civilians in Syria in 3 Years!

Russian strikes have killed 18,000 people, majority of them are innocent civilians in Syria in the war Russia started 3 years ago.

A report claimed that Russia is among the forces caused a great amount of damage to Syria alongside ISIS.

Syria has been at war for long which caused itself a huge amount of loss. Millions of people belonging to Syria are stuck on the borders of Europe as Europe denied them entry or asylum. The situation in Syria is getting worse and worse day by day, and no one seem to stop the brutality in the Syrian region.

Russia has been launching airstrikes cause a huge amount of human loss. Russian Strikes have now became the cause of over 18,000 civilians who have no choice but to stay in syria as everyone else is closing door on the syrian refugees.

Situation in Syria is still unstable, as day by day many people have been dying and there is a food and water scarcity which is also causing a great trouble in this region.

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