Indonesia Tsunami Claims 1,300 Lives, Majority Belongs To Muslims


Indonesia tsunami claims the lives of 1,300 human beings, and the majority of these deaths belong to Muslims and the death toll is rising.

The devastating indonesia tsunami killed more than 1234 after the earthquake in Sulawesi island.

According to the latest figures released by the Indonesian government, the number of deaths in the Sulawesi island has increased from 844 to 1234.

National Disaster Agency spokeswoman Sutopo Pro Nugroho said that according to the reports received till today, 1,234 have been killed.

The UN says that 2 million people need urgent assistance, including thousands of children.

Food is being provided to survivors

The police said that people took the food items from shops, but 35 people who were stealing computer and cash were arrested.

National Police Deputy Chief said, “No shop was opened on the first and the other day, while the people were hungry and they needed a lot of food.”

He said that two days later the supply of food items started to be distributed only and now we are only ensuring that the law is implemented.

Deputy police chief said that ‘ATM is open, but if the people steal, we hold and investigate’.

On the other hand, there is barriers in relief operations due to non availability of heavy machinery and severe shortage of transport, massive loss and external assistance from the Indonesian government.

According to UN, there are hunger and thirsty during the absence of delivery of clean water and food items, while hospitals are filled with injuries.

Remember that the magnitude of the earthquake in Central Indonesia on September 28 recorded a magnitude 7.5 and the earthquake was so intense that people in several kilometers away were also felt as a shock.

The earthquake affected most of the city’s population, with a population of around 2.5 million, high buildings became a waste of debris, whereas many houses were completely ground-boiled, even after tsunami, 5 feet high waves continued in the ocean and Enter the city.

According to geologists, Indonesia and Japan are located in such a region where most of the earthquake is occurring due to underground and suburban changes.

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