Muslim Countries UAE and Malaysia Reported Coronavirus Cases

UAE Malaysia Pakistan Coronavirus Cases

The latest coronavirus cases are known to be confirmed in three more countries i.e. the Muslim countries. These countries include Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.

Eighth case of Coronavirus infection is confirmed by Malaysia on Thursday, January 30. And all of the cases were of the Chinese natives. The recent patient is known to be the wife of the seventh effected person from the virus and both of them belong to Wuhan.

The government stated three additional coronavirus cases on Wednesday being the people under the investigation group of patients. Previously, a case of 40 year old man was noted as stated by the Government.

The Malaysian Health Minister shared that an old woman and two young boys were held in isolation ward who are known to be the family of an old man found contacted with the virus in Singapore.

From China’s province Hubei, all the visas are suspended by Malaysia at the moment. To assist the Malaysians located in China, they have developed an emergency response group in the embassy of Beijing. In accordance with the authorities of UAE, minimum four Chinese, being one whole family, were confirmed with the virus. They appear as an initial case at UAE.

On Wednesday, an official confirmed that, minimum of four Pakistani students present in Wuhan got affected from the condition of coronavirus.

Zafar Malik, Prime Minister of Health Affair Adviser, said to the reporters at Islamabad that Pakistan is taking care with full responsibility of the concerned students and of the other locals situated in China.

The first case of the Coronavirus was observed in December at Wuhan where, more than 500 Pakistani students are known to be present. Located in Islamabad, the Chinese embassy stated earlier in the week that all Pakistani students are safe and under their attention.

Here is the Dua for Coronavirus that will help you in protection from it.

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