Infant Babies Starting to Die as Israel Besieges Al-Shifa Hospital

Infants have started to die in Gaza. Doctors are calling it “genocide in slow motion”.
premature babies in Al Shifa Hospital
Image Credit: Al Jazeera

GAZA – The situation in Gaza has become even worse as Israeli brutality is touching the level of brutality in the region. Doctors in Al-Shifa hospitals have warned that premature babies are dying due to a lack of oxygen due to the cutting off of fuel and electricity.

Al-Shifa Hospital is the most important and largest medical facility in Gaza, which is also facing a shortage of equipment, medicine, and staff and also facing continuous threats from Israel.

Al-Shifa Hospital is currently providing healthcare services to more than 2 million Palestinians, and they have been facing an immense workload due to continuous Israeli bombing for more than a month now.

The hospital unfortunately came under Israeli attacks which fired artillery attacks, causing severe damage to its’ infrastructure and facilities, posing a great threat to patients and medical professionals.

Currently, the hospital is isolated from the world as the world is silently watching a genocide and sitting idle on this matter, while on the other hand, Israel is stopping every country in the world from aiding the people of Gaza.

“Genocide in slow motion.”

Dr. Ayman al-Sahbani, the head of the emergency department, while describing the whole situation.

Dr. al-Sahbani also said that the hospital works at just 10 percent capacity.

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