UAE, Bahrain and Sudan Refuse to Cut Ties With Israel

Is it time to boycott these three countries and their products?
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LONDON: Despite the ongoing genocide, violence, and bloodshed in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories, three Arab countries have consistently refused to cut their diplomatic and economic ties with Israel.

Three Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Sudan, signed Abrahamic accords with Israel in 2022.

While these countries have maintained the normalization agreement with Israel, stating that it is in their “national interest,” they justified it by stating that good ties with Israel will bring peace and stability to the region and to the Palestinians.

As of today, Israel has refused to stop the ongoing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza, as many die day and night in Gaza. The UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan just condemned those attacks.

Premature babies have also started dying as one of the biggest hospitals in Gaza has been out of service as Israeli tanks besieged it. Patients in the hospital are facing slow deaths.

Saudi Arabia held a summit on November 12, 2023, where all Muslim nations condemned the Israeli attacks and proposed to come up with a plan to stop Israel. Saudi Arabia refused to use the oil against Israel, while the other three refused to cut ties with Israel. Apparently, that fancy grand meeting had no positive outcome for Palestinians.

Turkey, Iran, and Qatar, three Arab countries, have accused them of stabbing Palestinians in the back by taking sides with Israel. While Pakistani Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar calls Israel and its prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “Pharoah”,

The Palestinian leadership has also slammed the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan for taking sides with Israel.

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