How To Book Haramain High-Speed Railway Train Tickets? (Step-by-Step Guide)

A step-by-step guide on how you can book your tickets easily.
Haramain High Speed Railway Train

Book your journey on the High-speed train.

The Haramain High-Speed Railway has taken a significant step to address the increasing number of pilgrims during Ramadan. The Railway has exceeded its seating capacity to 1.3 million passengers.

It has also planned to operate 2,700 trips. These trains will reduce the congestion on the road between Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah.

Steps To Book Your Haramain High-Speed Railway Train Ticket

You can now book your train tickets by a simple process. The bookings can be done through the official website.

Follow the steps below to secure your seat on Haramain High-Speed Railway:

1. Book your Seat

Visit the official website of Go to the homepage. Select the option which says ‘Book a seat‘. Pick between the two options: a one-way journey or a round trip. You can select your preferred date and your desired route.

2. Details

While booking it is necessary to select the number of passengers. If kids are traveling with you indicate that too. You can do so by selecting the appropriate options available on the site.

3. Use the Search Option

You can search for the available trains as well. Click on the ‘Search‘ button. The system will display the available trains based on your input.

4. Select your time preference

From the options select your preferable time. This time will be the departure time of your train.

5. Choose your Seat

Choose your seats as per your comfort choice.

6. Enter Details

The site will now ask for your details. Enter the following details:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

Make sure the entered information is correct.

7. Travel Document

You will now have to select the type of document you are traveling with. Choose between National ID, passport, Iqama, or GCC ID.

8. Document Number

Enter the number of documents you have selected for your travels.

9. Expiry Date

Add the expiry date of your passport for verification.

10. Payment and Verification

You will now get the ticket price on the screen. This price is inclusive of all the discounts and taxes. You can pay this amount via credit or debit card.

Once your payment is verified, you will receive your ticket through E-mail.

With these steps, you are ready for a smooth journey.

May Allah bless you.

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