10 Things You Should Know About Nikah – Islamic Marriage Contract

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Nikah is one of the things which is very important in Islam, it is also being called as the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Here are the 10 things you should know about it;

1. Both the groom and the bride should agree for the marriage.

2. As per Islamic laws and Shariah, Both the groom and the bride has equal right to give divorce. They even can add this clause in their Islamic Marriage Contract (Nikah Nama).

3. Nikah is a Sunnah

4. Forced marriages are Haram (Non-Permitted) in Islam. If any parent of anyone is forcing any boy or a girl to marry, then this will be considered as a Haram and this marriage can not be done until the boy or a girl agrees to marry each other with a free will.

5. Mahr (The cost decided before Nikah) can be paid anytime, not at the time of divorce. Husband has to pay it as it is a debt on him.

6. Dowry is not allowed! Dowry such as Cars, Furniture, Air Conditions and any other luxuries are not permissible.

7. Marrying a non-Muslim is not allowed for both Men and Women.

8. A man should be well enough to provide his wife a separate providing a home, food, and clothing.

9. Valimah is a Sunnah. And holds the highest importance in Islam. 

10. A husband can not marry any other girl without the permission of his first wife, if he does the second marriage, then that marriage will be not permitted.

(Note: These facts are verified and authentic)

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