Young Qari Cried During Recitation Of Quran – You’ll Be Amazed To Know Why!

Young Qari Cried During Recitation Of Quran

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In an Al-Quran memorization competition, a Young Qari cried during his recitation. In the start he recited the verses confidently and at the last verse, he stopped and cried.

Not because he could not recall the latter bit of the verse.

One of the juries read the opening of Surah Jumuah 62 verse 5. And the young qari easily picked up from there and sustained reciting some more verses. And when he grasped at the last part of verse 8, he stopped. Actually earlier stopping, he tried to control his feelings. Then he spurt into tears when he recited the part that said:

Surah Jumuah 62 verse 5

He cried extensive enough to make one of the juries get teary eyes too. Then, after meeting his feelings, he ended the verse.

Indeed, the death from which you flee – indeed, it will meet you


Actually, the young Indonesian boy does not only remember Al-Quran but also knows its content and replicates upon it. So when he read a paragraph that clarified about death and what ensued after death, he could not hold back his tears.

Qur’ān 583

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