Saudi Arabia Wraps Hajj 2020 With No Coronavirus Cases

Saudi Arabia Wraps Hajj 2020 With No Coronavirus Cases

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Saudi Arabia finally wraps Hajj 2020 / 1441 with no coronavirus cases at the holy sites, also gets praised from the WHO (World Health Organization).

MAKKAH: As pilgrims depart from the Jamarat Bridge after stoning the devil on Saturday, which was the fourth day of Hajj, as they wrap hajj 2020 season having no Coronavirus cases at the holy sites.

Saudi Arabia also praised by WHO (World Health Organization)’s Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for their great efforts to stop coronavirus during Hajj season

Saudi Health Ministry also confirmed that the health status of pilgrims has been tested throughout the Hajj time and all of them tested negative.

Masjid al-Haram and Masjid an Nabawi had been Disinfected and sterilized, even before and after Hujjaj completed their Tawaf al Ifada, on the third day of Hajj.

Both holy mosques have been cleaned 10 times a day.

Dr. Amani Al-Saadi while talking to the media said the pilgrims have been checked even before they arrive for hajj. The management made every pilgrim to have their separate seats and also maintained social distancing. They also set up clinics near the places where Pilgrims were worshipping.

Pilgrims were also made to follow social distancing even on the buses. Fawziya, was among the pilgrims who got Hajj 2020 as her birthday gift.

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