10 Pictures Of Historical Hajj 2020 Which Luckiest People Attended

Historical Hajj 2020 pictures

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Indeed Historical Hajj 2020 was full of surprises and uncertainity but the Management of the Holy Mosques did their job very well.

As the Historical Hajj 2020 taken place, some of the most beautiful pictures have been taken during this year’s pilgrimage.

1. Selected Hujjaj performs Tawaf while social distancing.

Social Distancing Tawaf

2. Management kept Women closer to Kaaba while performing Tawaf due to summer heat so their Tawaf becomes easier.

Women close tawaf hajj 2020

3. Hujjaj prays in Al-Nimrah Mosque on the day of Arafah.

nimrah mosque social distancing prayer hajj 2020

4. Women cries while praying at Jabal al Rehma on the day of Arafah.

woman praying plains of arafat

5. Muslim men can be seen making duas on Arafat Day.

hajj 2020 arafah day

6. Hujjaj eats meal in a camp located at the plains of Arafah.

arafat camp haj 2020

7. Workers sanitizing mosque al Nimrah in Arafah.

mosque sanitization

8. Hujjaj were given sanitized pebbles for stoning that devil at Jamraat.

sanatized pebbles

9. Woman cries while listening to Khutbah of Hajj 2020.

women crying in dua

10. Hujjaj performs Tawaf al ifadah (Goodbye Tawaf)

goodbye tawaf hajj 2020

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