Muslims Are Boycotting Dubai Expo 2020, Here is why!

Dubai Expo 2020

BOYCOTT, DIVERSIFICATION, AND SANCTIONS (BDS) has called for a boycott of the Dubai Expo 2020, arguing that the UAE and Israel are using it to “distract public attention from their egregious violations of human rights.”

More than 191 countries, including Israel, are expected to participate in Dubai Expo, which begins in October and runs for six months.

In a statement, the BDS movement said: “Israel and the UAE are shamelessly trying to use the World Expo to distract attention from serious human rights abuses they are committing…

In front of an Arab and Muslim audience, “Israel plans to use this propaganda pavilion to normalize and whitewash its oppression of Palestinians.”

In addition, the statement described Israel as a regime of occupation, settler-colonialism, and apartheid and as an economy based on experts in the fields of defence and security, the role of which has become evident through mass surveillance, harmful spyware, and militarized police training.”

According to BDS, Israel is being helped to improve its image by the UAE through its pavilion and participation in the Expo.

“The Israeli pavilion at Dubai Expo, with its management by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, has received a warm welcome from the UAE dictatorship, which is looking for new guardians for its imperial crown amid the conflict with the United States.”

A year after the Abraham Accords between the UAE and Israel were signed in the United States, Israel will participate in Dubai Expo. According to the Palestinians, the accords are a “stab in their back.”

According to its website, Dubai Expo will be an event that “increase awareness about the difficulties that humanity faces on a worldwide basis.” It is the world’s most significant gathering place, and it provides numerous chances for socializing and building foreign relations.”

The Expo was initially scheduled for 2020, but due to the worldwide epidemic, the UAE government pushed it back to this year.

BDS is a worldwide movement that advocates for boycotts, divestment, and international pressure against Israel. It seeks to mobilize economic and political pressure on Israel to raise the cost of occupation. It also seeks equal rights for Israeli Palestinian citizens.

The campaign began in July 2005, when a coalition of 170 Palestinian civil society organizations called on “people of a sense of morality” to embrace their “legitimate demands.”

The campaign is endorsed by renowned celebrities and hundreds of thousands of individuals all around the world.

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