Temporary Prayer Sites for Pilgrims on Bus Routes

Hajj and Umrah Charity Association (Hadiyah), in collaboration with the Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites, have launched temporary prayer rooms.
makkah bus

Umrah pilgrims can now use temporary prayer rooms along the road leading to the Grand Mosque.

In preparation for the pilgrims influx, a collaboration between the Royal Commission and Hadiyah has been initiated to help the pilgrims offer their prayers conveniently. The initiative aims to install Temporary Prayer Rooms along the roads of Al-Masial and Ibrahim Al-Khalil that lead to the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

The collaboration highlights the hospitality and unity of the Saudi Authorities who are trying their best to enhance the pilgrimage experience of the pilgrims by ensuring accessibility to everything during the busy Umrah season.

The CEO of Hadiyah, Turki Al-Hatirshi highlighted their commitment to supporting the pilgrims the whole year. The combined initiative by the Royal Commission and the Hadiya is aimed at facilitating the visitors of Allah and making sure their pilgrimage journey is peaceful and easy.

makkah bus routes
Bus routes of Makkah bus.

Providing a temporary prayer room is not just a matter of logistical convenience; but a demonstration of the authority’s determination to provide a safe and perfect pilgrim experience to the visitors, especially during Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam.

As the preparations of Ramadan progress, and Makkah witnesses a huge number of pilgrims the introduction of temporary prayer rooms demonstrates the importance of the holy place and elevates its significance as the spiritual center of Islam.

The Saudi Authorities are making several arrangements to strengthen their reputation, welcoming millions of pilgrims with open arms and providing all sorts of necessary support during the bustling season of Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan.

The establishment of Temporary Prayer Rooms in Makkah during Ramadan signifies the dedication of the Saudi authorities and organizations towards establishing an environment where the spiritual needs of every pilgrim are not only acknowledged but actively facilitated.

It further reflects the challenges posed to the authorities due to an increase in the number of pilgrims and the proactive approaches used by the organizations to address the challenges.

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