School In UK Fed Muslim Students “Pork Sausages”

School UK fed muslim student pork sausages
Photo: Birmingham Live

A Muslim mother named Mussrat Bibi became furious after learning that her children attending a primary school in England were being fed pork sausages during school lunch hours.

Birmingham Live reported that the incident occurred at Hollyfield Elementary School in Sutton Coldfield.

Bibi, who said she was very disappointed with the school over the incident, immediately pulled her children out of the school. She said teachers should know that Muslim students can not eat haram food.

NHS guidelines have stipulated that all pork, carrion, and blood products are haram and prohibited in Islam. The guidelines also restrict Muslims residing in the UK from buying meat from Muslim butchers whenever possible.

In addition to being prohibited from eating food products derived from haram meat such as pork, Muslims are also forbidden from consuming generally available meat or foods containing pork fat and fat from other animals that are not slaughtered in an Islamic manner.

A spokesperson for the school has apologized for the mistake made in this regard and said that the school authority would review the school’s processes to reduce the risk of something similar happening again.

Angy Ms. Bibi said that the school’s careless treatment of feeding pork sausages to brothers Rayhan and Sufiyan was very upsetting. She even claimed that one of her children had to be rushed to the hospital after eating the pork sausages and emphasized that her children had never been sick or had problems with the food she cooked at home.

The 41-year-old woman urged the school to do a better job for other Muslim children attending the school. She argues that the school needs to improve the services provided to students; if necessary, they must write it in the system if they do not offer halal food.

The previous incident of serving pork to Muslim students in schools in the UK also occurred in May, when Express and Star reported that Ryders Green Primary School in West Bromwich, England served pork sausages to children as a substitute for vegetarian sausages for lunch.

The neglect of serving pork by the school, attended by 70 percent of Muslim students, automatically angered the parents of the students who came down to protest the incident in front of the school gate.

To be noted: Eating pork is Haram (prohibited) for Muslims.

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