Indian Cop Kicking Muslim Worshippers In Delhi

Video of Delhi Police Officer kicking Muslims during prayers goes viral.
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Delhi Cop Suspended After Video of Kicking Muslims Offering Prayer Goes Viral.

Cruel treatment against Muslims in Delhi.

DCP North acknowledges the viral video of Manoj Kumar Tomar, a Delhi Police officer kicking Muslims who were offering prayers.

He was suspended on Friday, as the video went viral. The video not only invited criticism but also put seeds of rage in Muslim’s hearts. Muslims were praying as usual on the street near Delhi Interlock.

The prayers on Friday hold a special place amongst Muslims. Friday represents the most significant day of the week for Muslims since it was on Friday that most of the historical Islamic events took place.

Allah SWT is believed to have created Adam (AS) on a Friday, and he was brought down to Earth on a Friday as well. Muslims also celebrate Friday as the day of Jumu’ah, where Muslims gather together to pray and hear Khutba from an imam.

DCP North Manoj Meena said that an inquiry into the matter has been initiated and appropriate action will be taken.

Protesters have demanded that the policeman should be suspended and booked for assaulting people. They have also demanded an apology from the constable. Police have assured protesters that their concerns will be addressed as soon as possible.

Manoj Kumar Tomar suspension letter

The Congress leader shared the viral video with the message, “The motto of Amit Shah’s Delhi Police is peace, service, justice…working diligently.”

Muslims all over India are patiently waiting for justice to be served. Amit Shah should make sure that Muslims are not denied justice and that appropriate actions are taken against the guilty ones. Justice should not be delayed and the government should act swiftly to ensure that justice is served. All Muslims in India deserve justice.

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