PM of UK Rishi Sunak Has Secret Ties With Israeli Unit That Blackmails Palestinians

rishi sunak palestine israel

London (UK) – As Rishi Sunak takes charge as the Prime minister of the UK after Liz Strauss puts her resignation on the table, people have started to learn some dark truths about his family.


  • The family of Rishi Sunak has questionable business ties that harm Palestine.
  • Rishi Sunak’s father inlaw is the head of the company involved in the surveillance of Palestinians, leading to blackmailing.
  • Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murthy, has 700 million euros in shares in the same company.

Rishi Sunak’s Open Support To Recognize Jerusalem As The Capital of Israel

According to Rishi Sunak, there is a strong case for moving the British Embassy to Jerusalem and officially recognizing it as the capital of Israel.

At a Conservative Friends of Israel hustings on Monday, the Tory leadership candidate stated that Jerusalem is “indisputably the historic capital”, although he cautioned that he was not fully aware of all the “sensitivity issues” as he was not the Foreign Secretary.

As prime minister, we need to make sure that we do pass that bill (opposing the BDS Movement).

UK PM, Rishi Sunak

Sunak, a leading candidate for the Conservative Party leadership, claimed on Monday that there is a “very strong case” for moving the British Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the “historic capital city” of the occupation state. A member of the Zionist lobby group Conservative Friends of Israel asked him a question during a Q&A session.

Recently, Australia refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel due to ongoing oppression in Occupied Palestine by Israeli forces.

Questionable Link of Rishi Sunak’s Family With Israel

Sunak has very secret business ties linking his family to Israel. His father-in-law, N.r. Narayana Murthy founded Infosys which supplies tech to Israel that helps the country in active surveillance of Palestinians.

N r Narayana Murthy
N r Narayana Murthy founder of Infosys and father-in-law of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Then Israeli security forces use the information to blackmail Palestinians.


In addition to its business consulting and information technology services, Infosys Limited also provides outsourcing services. Bangalore is the headquarters of the company, which was founded in Pune.

This firm is co-directed by Uri Levine, a former Military Intelligence Unit 8200 agent. Uri Levine is also the co-founder of a famous app, Waze.

Infosys signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the State of Israel, to establish and enhance cooperation.

Press Release June 14, 2012.

There is an Israeli occupation force unit known as unit 8200 which is responsible for monitoring Palestinians and using sensitive information to blackmail them as part of a spying program.

As well as this, it appears that Infosys is one of the major investors in CloudEndure. This is a company that was founded by former officers from Unit 8200 and is focused on cloud computing.

Previously Sunak’s father-in-law had served as Infosys’s chief mentor, chairman, president, and CEO before he retired this year.

Sunak’s Wife

It is estimated that Akshata Murthy, Rishi Sunak’s wife, owns approximately 700 million euros worth of shares in Infosys.

Akshata Murthy
Akshata Murthy

Upcoming days can be challenging for the residents of Palestine as Israel got the upper hand in the UK; this time, the Prime minister, who has the authority to give the go-ahead to any operation that will indirectly make him even richer than he, is right now.

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