Pig’s Head Thrown Into a Muslim Home In Blackburn, UK

A Muslim family in Blackburn was extremely distressed when unknown source hurled a pig head and a large stone into the front room of the house on Shear Brow.
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Muslim home was attacked with a Pig head and Stone in Blackburn. A respectable Muslim family who lived on the road of Shear Brow for 50 years, was extremely distressed on account of a recent incident.

On Sunday, February 18th, a pig head with a large stone was thrown into the front room of the house. Object Shattered glass straight into their living room and the pig’s head was photographed lying face up on the carpet.

If you are unaware of the fact that eating pork is forbidden by Islam as well as Judaism. Hence, this act was a total disgrace to their Practicing Muslim Family. The family was said to be “extremely distressed” but didn’t want to speak further.

Lancashire Police said two males were seen running away from the house after the pig’s head and stone incident. The local neighbors around the house speculate that the attack was a case of mistaken identity.

Lancashire Police are taking this matter incredibly seriously and this is being treated as a hate crime. They added, that an investigation into this matter is very much ongoing. They also urged any information that may help identify the suspects would be most welcomed.

Police emphasize public support and appeal to anyone who was in that location at the time to check for CCTV footage to help them identify the suspects. The incident was reported at 10:35 pm on February 18th under criminal damage at the location.

Everyone understands that Shear Brow is a busy road and there is a lot of CCTV around, so this is not something one would expect to happen. Police strongly said, “We do not tolerate hate of any form and will do everything in our power to identify the offenders and take the appropriate action.”

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