Saudi Arabia Bans Iftar In Mosques

Iftar meals are now banned as per the new rules issued by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Communication.
iftar in mosques in saudi arabia
Image: Al Arabiya

New rules for mosques issued by Saudi Arabia ahead of Ramadan 2024.

As Ramadan 2024 is approaching, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Communication in Saudi Arabia has issued a new set of rules for mosques in Saudi Arabia. As per the Ministry, the purpose of these rules is to ensure that the mosque remains clean and pure and worshippers are visiting the holy place.

The first important rule prohibits mosque leaders from collecting or accepting donations from people to provide Iftar food. Iftar is the meal that Muslims eat after sunset to break the day’s fast and many individuals in Saudi Arabia offer donations or distribute Iftari during the Holy month in the mosques.

However, the Ministry decided that iftar meals should be held outside designated areas and not inside mosques. The minister has also ordered that the cameras should not be used to record or broadcast prayers or any other activity. This measure is intended to prevent disturbances and maintain a spiritual environment.

The ministry also advises muezzins calling for prayers to follow the prayer times indicated in the Saudi calendar, Umm Al Qur’an. Except for the evening and morning prayers, there should be equal time between the call to prayer and the actual prayer. During Ramadan, this time should be increased to 10 minutes.

Moreover, the Imams are encouraged to keep the Taraweeh prayer short. The Taraweeh prayer is an additional prayer performed during the nights of Ramadan.

The Ministry also urges Imams not only to delay Taraweeh prayers but also to provide practical information to educate individuals about the principles of fasting and its benefits.

Ramadan 2024 is expected to begin on March 11 this year. Ramadan has deep spiritual significance and promotes unity and integrity in the Muslim community.

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