Hate Crimes Against Muslims In UK Raising Drastically Since Oct. 7

More than 2,000 hate crimes against Muslims were reported in the UK in the last four months.
hijabi women in her backyard in UK
Image: Lawrence Chismorie

The UK has seen an increase in Anti-Muslim hate crimes amid the Hamas-Israel conflict.

Hate crimes against Muslims have increased in the UK since the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The increase in hate crimes following the horrific war in Gaza shows how conflicts in other parts of the world can affect people in different countries.

The monitoring group Tell MAMA reported more than 2,000 incidents in four months, a significant increase over previous periods.

According to a recent report by Tell MAMA, the number of hate crimes coincided with the deadly attack on Palestinians by Israeli men on the 7th of October, 2023.

This number is the highest number of cases registered in the four months since the organization was founded in 2011.

In addition, the number of reported cases has significantly increased by 335 cases compared to the same period last year.

Tell MAMA documented a total of 310 offline incidents and 290 online incidents involving a range of offenses including violent behavior, threats, physical abuse, vandalism, discrimination, and hate speech.

Especially women were the main targets in 65% of cases. Diru MAMA director Iman Atta underlined the urgency of the issue, expressing deep concern about the impact of the Israel-Gaza conflict on social cohesion and hate crime trends in the country.

Great Britain’s political leaders unequivocally condemned such actions. Atta emphasized the need for a clear and decisive message against anti-Muslim hatred, similar to the stance taken against anti-Semitism, and emphasized that it is unacceptable in the country.

The hate crimes pose a stark reminder to all individuals to gather together and fight for their rights and against any sort of discrimination.

The Israeli offensive has resulted in significant casualties, 29,000 people were killed and around 70,000 were injured. Not only this, but the horrific conflict resulted in widespread destruction and led to a severe humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

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