Pakistani Umrah Companies Cheating Pilgrims, Changing Hotel Bookings

Pakistani Umrah pilgrims complain about the difference between the luxurious hotels in advertisements and the poor accommodation reality provided in Umrah packages.
Pakistani umrah companies
Image: Hafsa Islam

Umrah pilgrims complain about the gap between promise and reality from Umrah service providers.


  • Pakistani Umrah pilgrims face a gap between promised and actual hotel accommodations.
  • Many travel agencies use false advertising to attract clients with luxurious accommodations.
  • Pilgrims are often forced to stay in a 1-star or 2-star hotel with poor conditions and lack of services, considering they paid for at least a 3-star or 4-star hotel cost.
  • Regulators are working to take action against fraudulent operators, but the issue still exists.
  • Pilgrims are calling for greater transparency and accountability in the Umrah travel industry, and better consumer awareness efforts are needed.

In recent years, Pakistanis seeking to perform Umrah, the pilgrimage to Mecca, have increasingly faced a distressing trend that is the vast disparity between the promised Umrah hotel packages and the reality of what is provided. Pilgrims are now frustrated and disappointed with this situation, emphasizing the need for greater responsibility and transparency in the sector.

This is an advertisement that begins with a well-known hotel and appends ‘similar’ at the end. Therefore, those booking through them may believe they’re reserving the mentioned hotel.

Economy Um234234

This is just one example; many companies in Pakistan charge over USD 1,000 per person, leaving them in shambles upon reaching Mecca for pilgrimage, along with their families.

We checked the review sections of several travel agents on Google Maps and discovered numerous complaints from people who went on Umrah with these companies. To maintain the review’s validity, we’ve chosen not to disclose the names. We selected a few reviews found on Google Maps.

Pakistani umrah pilgrims hotel change 1
Pakistani umrah pilgrims hotel change 2
Pakistani umrah pilgrims hotel change 3

Umrah, Known as the “smaller pilgrimage,” is highly significant for Muslims all over the world. Setting out on this journey is a dream come true for every Muslim, as the journey promises a significant chance for spiritual renewal and growth. However, when pilgrims face difficulty in their accommodation, this causes discomfort as lodgings listed in their Umrah packages are not what they get.

A difference in hotel quality is one of the most common issues. Many Pakistani travel agencies attract clients with pictures of luxurious accommodations in their marketing but are provided with poor accommodations when they reach Saudi Arabia.

Rather than staying in suitable hotels with good services, that were supposed to be near the holy sites, pilgrims are forced to stay in far-off lodgings in poor conditions that lack fundamental services and hygienic conditions.

What to do if you want to go for Umrah as a Pakistani pilgrim?

We recommend the following if you’re planning to go for Umrah:

  • If using a travel agent, choose someone you trust. If you don’t know any, reach out to people who recently went to Umrah, inquire about their experience, and opt for the travel agent with positive reviews.
  • Saudi Arabia has simplified the process for Umrah pilgrims from Pakistan to obtain an e-visa. You can apply for it on the Nusuk Umrah e-Visa website.
  • For flights, consider using Skyscanner, a great platform for finding direct flights.
  • For hotels, consider using, an excellent platform to check authentic reviews from people who stayed there. You can find a variety of hotels, both near and far from Haram.

False advertising and deceitful business practices in the travel agency for Umrah are not new problems. Regulators have been working to take action against fraudulent operators, but the issue still exists and many pilgrims feel cheated and deceived.

Pilgrims have asked for a greater degree of transparency and accountability in the Umrah travel industry in response to a growing number of complaints. In order to ensure that travel agencies fulfill their commitments to pilgrims, regulatory bodies need to impose stricter regulations.

Better consumer awareness efforts are also needed in order to inform potential pilgrims of their rights and provide them to choose the Umrah packages that suit them best.

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