Muslims In Norway Recited Quran On The Same Street After The Incident

Muslims In Norway Recited Quran On The Same Street

The certain event occurred on 16th of November in Kritiansand the minute when a group containing few people from a not much known extremist group “Stop Islamisaiton of Norway (SIAN)” held a rally. As per their aim they were supposed to burn a copy of the Holy Quran.

However, in the beginning of 2019 Thorsen was sentenced for a 30 days suspended jail along with a fine of 20,000 kr (RS. 339,396) by one of the Oslo’s district courts as per the violation of Section 185 (Criminal Code). This code oversees discriminatory and hateful acts.

The Muslim communities residing in Norway received an expression of support after the happening from the Norwegian public. Also, the Mayor of Kristiansand has shared compassion and condemned the event for the Muslims of the city.

With regards to showing solidatory with the Muslim community, the local Christian community gathered outside the concerned Mosque this Friday.

Watch Muslims In Norway Recited Quran at the same place where the incident happened

Many people who contacted the Muslim population and showed support over this incident incuded Christian leaders, Politicians and ordinary citizens, as stated by the Muslim Union’s senior leader in Kristiansand; Talal Omer.

A certain amount of people from Kristiansand assembled during the time of friday prayers without getting deter from heavy rains, freezing temperature and other weather conditions. They utilized posters engraved with slogans stating; “Together, even if we are dissimilar”.

Contrarily, the police of Kristiensand held up five Muslims from the area of protest due to which the Muslim youth criticized and exclaimed “extreme disappointment”.

However, Krisitiensand’s incident of violence purposed against Muslims isn’t the first to take place in Norway. In the month of August 2019, a person got injured during shooting within a Mosque near Oslo. Police categorized it as “act of terrorism”. In it, a retired Pakistani Air Officer detained the attacker. He then held him down and grabbed the weapon from him before more harm could have performed.

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