Muslim Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan Performing Puja On His New Office Ceremony

Muslim Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan Caught Doing Puja on His New Office Ceremony

After taking a year-break the movie industry, Bollywood Muslim actor Aamir Khan recently returned and caught the public’s attention with controversial news.

The 57-year-old actor was recently caught on camera performing the Puja Kalash ritual during the inauguration ceremony of the new office for his production house, Aamir Khan Productions, located in Mumbai.

Photos of the actor posted by Director Laal Singh Chaddha Advait Chandan on social media Instagram show the actor wearing a dark blue shirt and jeans and wearing a Nehru hat, looking solemnly performing the Puja ritual, which is part of Hindu worship. The actor is also seen holding a Kalash (metal pot) with coconut, usually used in such events.

His ex-wife Kiran Rao, wearing a casual oversized denim shirt and leggings, was seen accompanying him and together, they performed aarti following the Kalash puja. Several Aaamir Khan Production staff members were also seen taking part in the puja.

The photos posted on Thursday, December 8, quickly caught the attention of internet users and went viral. The reason is the actor PK has been known as a Muslim Bollywood actor so far.

 Aamir Khan is even known as a Muslim actor who is quite “vocal” about his beliefs. This was proven when he firmly said that his children’s religion must be Islam regardless of the religion of his two ex-wives, who are Hindus.

Many fans wonder if Aamir has changed his faith with the post of him doing Puja, considering he certainly cannot do such a thing as a Muslim. Performing Puja, part of the rituals of worship for Hindus, is regarded as a shirk for Muslims in Islamic teachings.

Aamir Khan has repeatedly been the target of anti-Hindu accusations. One of them is undoubtedly inseparable from his strong opinion, which says that his children’s religion must be Islam. His last film Laal Singh Chaddha even faced a wave of boycotts after Aamir’s comments about “intolerance in India” sparked outrage on social media.

After many boycotted the film, Aamir Khan gave his response. He directly apologized to all those who were offended by his film. Aamir Khan even firmly respects that many people don’t want to watch the movie.

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