Mountains Turn Green After Recent Rain In Makkah

The mountains in Makkah undergo a beautiful transformation.
Mountains turn green in Makkah after recent spells of Rainfall
Image Credit: Live Makkah

MAKKAH – The once-barren land of Makkah has witnessed a miraculous shift, sparking discussions about its connection to the sign of Qiyamah.

The mountains in Makkah have undergone an extraordinary transformation after the recent rains. Lush greenery has covered a large area of the mountain, and this change is being discussed within the community due to its potential connection to a sign of Qiyamah.

According to the Sahih Muslim Book 12, Hadith 76, it is stated that the Qayamah will not come before the wealth becomes so abundant that Zakat is taken out of a person’s property, and they cannot find anyone to accept it, and the land of Arabia is covered in meadows and rivers. The unexpected greening of Makkah’s mountains is prompting a reconsideration of this Hadis.

Makkah in Saudi Arabia is known to be a desert and barren land. Rainfalls in the region are not very frequent, and there have been no signs of greenery in the area. However, after the recent rain spell in Makkah, the rapid transformation is astonishing to residents.

Residents in Makkah call it witnessing a miracle where once barren hills are now looking like something out of a dream, which is indeed inspiring.

However, caution is being advised within the Islamic community, discouraging hasty conclusions about the event’s significance.

Several scholars have emphasized the importance of humility and a comprehensive understanding of faith when interpreting such phenomena, as only Allah knows the best.

As discussions continue, the greening of the mountains in Makkah remains a captivating spectacle, prompting reflection on the mysteries of nature and spiritual beliefs.

Whether viewed as a literal fulfillment of the hadith or a symbolic sign, the event serves as a powerful reminder of the unpredictability of the world we live in.

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