Muslims In Delhi Save a Hindu Temple From Damage

muslim save hindu temple in delhi

Delhi High Court has stopped damage to an old temple in Jamia Nagar after a swift legal move by a group of Muslim residents. Recently, miscreants destroyed part of the Dharamshala next to the temple.

In a recent ruling, the court intervened after the award committee in Jamia Nagar 206 raised concerns about encroachment and demolition of the area’s only temple, including a Dharamshala located at Johri Farm.

Those who live in the Noor Nagar Extension colony informed the court that part of the Dharamshala was demolished overnight and the land levelled to allow miscreants/builders to encroach upon their land.

Fouzul Azeem, chairing the committee, stated that part of the building that served as mandir premises had been demolished to build a building and sell apartments. The act by the builder wasn’t just illegal. The plea warned that it was meant to create tension between different groups in the neighbourhood, urging the court to direct the Delhi Police and the municipal corporation to protect it.

There are just a few houses of non-Muslims (40-50 families) in Noor Nagar, a vast area with a dense Muslim population. I want to mention that both communities have lived here in harmony, affection, and brotherhood for years. Despite this, the builders and miscreants are actively trying to disturb the balance and brotherhood between both communities,” the complaint filed through Nitin Saluja stated.

Police were also repeatedly called by the residents and The Municipal Corporation of South Delhi Concerning the illegal demolitions and encroachment. The courts were not taken to action, so they filed a lawsuit.

According to the corporation, the Dharamshala was not demolished nor sanctioned by the corporation. Construction activity was not detected at the property when it was inspected, it added.

Because the issue concerned law and order and protection of the area, the police were contacted.

It assured the court that the temple premises would be preserved and protected and no encroachment would occur. Both the corporation and the authority were bound to their assurance that there would be no law and order problems in the area and that the mandir area on the layout plan would be adequately maintained and protected from miscreants.

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