Itikaf 2024 Registrations For Masjid al-Haram and Nabawi Started

Itikaf 2023 Registrations For Masjid al Haram and Nabawi Started

MAKKAH: Registrations for Itikaf 2024 in Prophet’s Mosque and Grand Mosque have begun.

Itikaf 2024

I’tikaf is a spiritual retreat where Muslims focus on prayer, Quran recitation, and meditation. Usually, it is observed during the final ten days of Ramadan, when the Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to withdraw into the mosque.

How To Register For Itikaaf? Step-by-Step Guide

We have created guides for you to register yourself for Itikaaf;

Rules and Regulations

The General Presidency has emphasized the significance of abiding by Itikaf’s rules and regulations, which forbid leaving the mosque during the retreat period other than for necessities like using the restroom or getting medical care.

These are Itikaf’s ten fundamental rules:

  • Itikaf is a religious rite carried out in a mosque during the final 10 days of Ramadan.
  • Before entering the mosque, participants must be in a state of purity (wudu or ghusl).
  • Except for essential purposes like using the restroom or getting medical attention, participants are required to stay inside the mosque throughout the entirety of the Itikaf.
  • Any worldly activities, such as conducting business, interacting with others, or using technology, are not permitted.
  • Throughout their visit, participants are required to keep the mosque pristine and sacred.
  • Itikaf participants are required to observe the five daily prayers and offer additional, optional prayers.
  • Reciting the Quran is encouraged, as well as other forms of worship like dua and dhikr (remembering Allah) (supplication).
  • Any conduct that might annoy others, such as shouting or arguing, should be avoided by participants.
  • Participants are required to follow all guidelines established by the mosque’s leadership and any applicable governing bodies.
  • After the Itikaf period, participants are required to leave the mosque immediately.

Additionally, participants are expected to keep the mosque spotless and to respect its sanctity.

Muslims all over the world have responded to the announcement of Itikaf registration with excitement and anticipation because they view it as a chance to strengthen their spiritual ties during the fasting month of Ramadan.

The General Presidency has urged all participants to abide by Itikaf 2024’s rules and regulations and to respect the mosque’s sanctity while they are on retreat.

The General Presidency is dedicated to upholding the spirit and traditions of this significant religious practice while ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants.

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