Hindu Temple In Pakistan Gives Shelter To 200 Muslims During Flooding


Flash floods due to heavy rains that hit Pakistan over the past few months have forced millions of people to lose their homes, families, jobs, property, and even lives. Data shows that the disaster has killed at least more than 1,300 people.

Amid the destruction, the Hindu community in Balochistan showed an attitude of humanity and religious harmony by opening the doors of the Hindu temple to protect the flood-affected people around it.

Hindu residents of the small village of Jalal Khan in the Kachi district of Balochistan have opened the doors of the Baba Madhudas Mandir temple to at least 200 flood victims, most of them Muslims.

The Hindu temple was reportedly only slightly affected by the floods as it is located on a plateau, so it can serve as a refuge for flood-affected people since the area was cut off from other provinces.

According to residents, Baba Madhodas was a Hindu saint loved not only by Hindus but also by Muslims before the partition in 1947. Itaf Buzdar, a frequent visitor to the village, said that Baba looked at people through the prism of humanity without discrimination against caste and their beliefs. Hence, it is unsurprising that Hindus from Balochistan often visit the temple.

According to the current Hindu temple person in charge, Ratan Kumar, the temple has more than 100 rooms, usually used to accommodate pilgrims from all over Balochistan and Sindh every year. Kumar’s son explained that although some of the rooms had been damaged by the flood, most buildings were safe.

Apart from providing food and shelter to humans affected by the floods, the temple also accommodates people’s livestock, such as goats and sheep.

Refugees who lost their homes in the floods said they were initially cut off from other districts and only received food via helicopter. But then, the Hindu community, through the temple, began to help them.

Israr Mugheri, a doctor in Jalal Khan who has set up a medical camp inside the temple, explained that Hindus are calling over loudspeakers for Muslims to rush to the temple for shelter.

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