A Guy Burning Quran In A Facebook Live Video

Guy Burning Quran In A Facebook Live Video

A guy has bee seeing insulting Quran (Burning Quran and ripping some page out of it) has sparked a new row of protests all around the globe.

As Muslims were recently dealing with a cartoon contest started by a Dutch lawmaker greet Wilders, after a huge amount of protests and petitions, he finally called that event off. And now this viral video is been circulating all around the world which shows a guy filming another guy who is insulting the Quran.

This is so painful just to watch this video that it will bring tears to your eyes, it is heartbreaking to witness such hatred against the Muslims for doing absolutely nothing. And they have been paying a price for it for so long that they feel hopeless dealing with such maniacs.

We are still unsure of where this movie has been shot or who the guy is, but the circulation of this video will help us catching this maniac who is publicly insulting someone’s religion like that. This does not come under the section of Freedom of Speech but it comes under the Hate Speech.

Islamophobia (Hate for Islam) has gone so bad that it came to this part where random people will publicly insult religion’s sacred things. You will not see, not a single Muslim insulting someone else’s religion like that.

Watch how this guys is Insulting Quran

Share this as much as possible so that law enforcement agencies take notice and find this guy and put him behind the bars. Some Muslims might not want to share it as it shows Quran getting insulted but we must share it so that we can find someone who can tell us who this guy is and what this place could be.

It is a very tough moment for all of us to witness such a heartbreaking thing.

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