Muslims Pay Money To Free Abducted Christian Worshippers in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria
Photo by Muhammad-taha Ibrahim

Following the Muslim community’s payment of money and purchase of a motorcycle for the bandits, the 16 abducted church worshippers were freed from their captors on Sunday.

A Sunday service at Bege Baptist Church, Madala near Buruku in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State was robbed by bandits on May 7, 2023, resulting in the abduction of 40 people.

16 remained in the bandits’ hands after some escaped and return home.

As CAN’s Chairman in Kaduna State, Rev John Hayab, told journalists yesterday that they are grateful to the Muslim community in the area for assisting before the captives regained freedom.

As part of the ransom required to release their Christian brothers and sisters in captivity, the Muslim community where the worshipers were abducted contributed money and bought a motorcycle.

“This illustrates good, caring, and sincere neighbors that are concerned about the plight of their kidnapped brothers and sisters and wish for them to return home to live together in harmony and peace with them.

Muslim communities in Madala should emulate their exemplary lives for a united and peaceful coexistence that is necessary for State development.

To eliminate all forms of insecurity in every part of the country, Nigerians of all walks of life should be their brothers’ keepers as demonstrated by the Muslim community.

Those injured have been treated in hospitals while the 16 freed worshippers reunited with their families.

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