Female Performing Hajj Without Mahram Will Be Fined SR 50,000

Female Performing Hajj Without Mahram Will Be Fined SR 50,000

Female pilgrims can not travel to perform Hajj without a Mehram. It is the teaching of Islam as well as it is the rule of Saudi Arabia. Still, a huge number of women come to Saudi Arabia without Mahram.

Hajj agents do their best to legalize illegal work by allowing women to travel to Saudi Arabia without a mahram. In easy words, a Mahram is your Brother, Sister, Husband, etc.

Since Hajj agents are just making money by allowing women to travel. Now, these women will get fined for SR. 50,000 if Saudi Government found no mahram with any lady.

Mahram is a person who a woman can not marry, such as her Brother, Sons, Father. And the other way, Mahram woman will be the one who a Man cannot marry. Hajj is only mandatory for the people who can afford its cost.

If any woman does not have any mahram, then Hajj is not mandatory on her.

Saudi Government will fine the airlines for SR 50,000 for every woman which it brings without a mahram. GACA (General Authority of Civil Aviation) has also warned the airlines about the new rules of bringing a woman with Mahram.

In case if any airlines bring women without a mahram, she will be deported back to the country at the expense of airline from the next flight.

There is only one easiness which Saudi Government has given to the women that are performing hajj having 45 years or more age, can travel without a mahram.

Saudi Embassy also elaborated that women are required a Mahram to travel to perform hajj. The proof of being a Mahram shall be submitted. Women over the age of 45 or more can travel without a mahram but in a group.

They must submit a no objection letter from son, brother or husband allowing her to travel in the group she is in. Bringing a women under 45 years of age without a mehram shall be fined SR 50,000 and deportation.

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