Seeing These Signs Means Your Hajj Is Accepted – Signs of Accepted Hajj

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Accepted Hajj signs are very obvious, and if your Hajj is completed and accepted then Allah left some signs for humankind to see if Hajj is accepted or not.

Islam is indeed a beautiful and very logical religion and it is based on five major pillars, among these 5 pillars, Hajj is also included in this list. But many Muslims visit Masjid al-Haram to perform Hajj but they always have the curiosity whether their Hajj is accepted by ALLAH SWT or not. But Allah has obviously left some signs for Hajis to know.

Islam is a very beautiful religion that everything can be proved from every perspective whether it is spiritual or medical. Islam always gives authenticity of each and everything written in the Quran, which is why many newly converts performed Hajj and Umrah this year.

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There are many signs of accepted Hajj but Mufti Menk made everything very simple by telling the audience how to see the signs of accepted Hajj. This is indeed a great piece of information for all those brothers and sisters in Islam who were fortunate enough to perform the Hajj this year.

Watch Mufti Menk telling about the signs of Accepted Hajj, This is indeed the best explanation of this topic

This is a must share a piece of information with your friends, and especially with those who made the Hajj this year, because it will help them find out if their Hajj is accepted or not. It will clear up a lot of confusion.

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And if you have to be able to perform Hajj yet, then we pray to Allah that he calls you to his house next year InshaAllah. And do not lose hope and do not miss Salah. and then you will see one day He (Allah) will call you towards his house. JazakAllah

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