Doctors Treating Coronavirus Patients Exempted To Fast During Ramadan, Fatwa

Doctors Treating Coronavirus Patients

In accordance with the UAE’s (United Arab Emirates) religious authorities, the doctors treating coronavirus patients would be free from fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan.

The Holy month is predicted to take place during the coming week and thus worshippers are requested to avoid congregational prayers.

Already, a lot of people are spared from fasting in the coming month including menstruating or nursing women, pregnant women, elder people, travelers, and the rest who are sick as well as doctors treating coronavirus patients.

The situation of COVID-19

The coronavirus is taking everyone in its circle even in Ramadan 2021, Situation in India also seems to be worse due to oxygen tank shortage.

Yet, after recovery the past patient would be required to stay inside their houses for 14 days.

The country has also taken the initiative to charge its locals by 20,000 dirhams, maximum. This move is to prevent any misleading medical information concerning the virus contradicting the statements made by the officials.

The Emirates Fatwa Council urged that the Muslims should abide by continuing physical distance for praying in the Holy month as the people are observing preparing themselves for the Holy month.

They further advised that Muslims should follow prayings within their houses. The local authorities have already called off praying within the mosques to maintain precautionary measures.

The Emirati government had developed strict limitations throughout their nation, however, now it is being heard that they have loosened a number of restrictions from those measures.

The food markets have been opened back within Dubai so that the locals can prepare themselves by shopping for food for the Holy month.

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