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Can Pregnant Women Fast In Ramadan ? Read Islam’s Point of View

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Pregnancy is an incredible yet tough time for every women. When ramadan approaches near, many of the pregnant women asks the question whether they should fast or not ?

What Islam says about Fasting during pregnancy?

It is written in Quran that;

Surah Al-Baqra, verse 233
Surah Al-Baqra, verse 233

There are some Hadiths also to prevent women from Fasting during their pregnancy;

hadith pragnant woman islam fast ramadan

What does Gynaecologist say about fasting during Pregnancy period?

National Health Services published a report which said; “Islam gives clarity for all Pregnant women to not to fast during their expectation period. And even if she feels strong enough to fast, then eventually it will put a negative impact towards her baby. Because whatever the mother would eat it will eventually go to the baby.”

If still some women is fasting during their pregnancy, then she should do these 5 things;

1. Eat Proper Food

Eat at suhoor as much as you can because this is the time of meal which will keep you going all day.

2. Add The Use of Minerals and Vitamins In Your Diet

Add Vitamins and Minerals in meals that will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

3. Add Calcium In Your Meals

Gynaecologists say that a pregnant women should drink at least 1 litre of milk a day, which is enriched with Calcium.

4. Ignore The Means Which Are Not Easily Digestible

It will make your tummy bad which is not good for the baby either.

5. Break The Fast if

If you feel very hungry, or extremely thirsty, weak, dizziness or slow movement of your baby so it’s better that you break your fast rather than risking yours and baby’s life.

Islam tells NOT TO FAST to the pregnant women, so women should Thank Almighty Allah for blessing them with the most beautiful thing called MOTHERHOOD, and should not Fast as it can put two lives in risk. JazakAllah.


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