9 Year Old Muslim Boy Was Forced To Watch Other Students Eat As He Fasted

9 Year Old Muslim Boy Was Forced To Watch Other Students Eat As He Fasted

A worker at a P.S. 264 Bay Ridge Elementary School of the Arts in New York, USA, punished a 9-year-old boy by using his religion against him. The 9-year-old boy was forced to sit and watch his classmates as they eat during lunchtime as the boy fasted in the month Ramadan.

The woman who punished the little bou told that the boy was laughing at her so she decided to punish her in a way where he had to sit and watch other kids as he fasts.

Boy’s mother, Zaman Mashrah, told the media that she trusted P.S. 264 treating their son right but they have disrespected her son but made him go through a bad trauma.

She also told this incident was taken place on May 14, 2019, but she decided to resolve it inside the school as she didn’t want to create the fuss. Now, the school had given her unsatisfactory answers, so she decided to take the help of the Media.

The mother also filed a discrimination complaint at the Department of Education Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management. Sadly, her complaint had to face long silence from the Department of Education as well.

The mother told that it was her kid’s dream to graduate from Fifth grade from this school.

She said DOE should have supported and protected her child, instead, the department decided to show silence over this discrimination. Later, Mohamed said that DOE took over 6 months to review the application and left the mother without any reply.

This shows the ongoing islamophobia wave going on in the United States;

This isn’t the first public act of religious discrimination that New York has seen, it is also reported among Muslims American and Muslim immigrated and other groups.

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