Digital Bags Launched at Grand and Prophet’s Mosque

The digital bags programs aim to make religious knowledge accessible to everyone.
digital bags

A new program has been initiated at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s mosque. The Presidency of Religious Affairs issued the news of starting a ‘Digital bags‘ program

This plan aims to improve the Umrah experience of pilgrims. It is designed to give a boost to the spiritual experience of the pilgrims.

What will the Digital Bags Provide?

The digital bag program will give access to booklets and notes from renowned Islamic scholars. All in all, this aims to increase religious education and boost religious awareness.

How to Use Digital Bags?

Follow the guidelines below to get access to Digital Bags’ content

1. Scan Barcode

Scan the barcode for the booklet you require.

2. Get Access

Tap on the Access button. You will now get access to the complete content of the booklet.

3. Spread the Word

Once you have the booklet, share it with your friends and family so the knowledge can benefit them as well.

The Presidency has been actively participating in several campaigns and drives. In Ramadan, the number of Umrah pilgrims has increased. The authorities are trying their level best to provide comfort and facilities to the pilgrims.

As AI and digital media evolve, the Presidency is trying to make religious services more accessible. This aligns with the Saudi Vision of 2030. One of the vision is to spread the message of Islam worldwide

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