A mother dies to sacrifice an ICU bed for her son

Mothers would do and sacrifice everything to protect their children. We can see the sacrifice of a mother in the following case.

A 65-year-old woman named Prabha Rani Pal has died from coronavirus. But the thing that makes her death touching is that her life could have been saved. Instead, she chose to sacrifice her life to save her son.

Based on existing reports, Prabha breathed her last in the COVID-19 isolation unit at Chattogram General Hospital Bangladesh on Tuesday local time. She died one hour after being relocated from the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital.

The woman was previously admitted to the ICU with acute symptoms of COVID-19, while her son, Shimul Pal, 45, is receiving treatment for the same illness in the hospital’s isolation ward.

Shimul’s condition began to deteriorate on Tuesday night, and he needed the same intensive care as well. However, the hospital did not have a single ICU bed vacant.  

Being aware of this, Prabha insisted on moving to the isolation ward so that one vacant bed is available for her son to be treated as soon as possible.

The doctors were hesitant at first, but she kept removing her life support equipment, which left the doctors with no choice but to relocate her then put her son on the ICU bed, says Abdur Rob, Senior Consultant of the hospital.

The doctors were doing their jobs under the consent of the family members. Prabha later died an hour after being relocated.

Rob added, saying that Prabha had been in the isolation ward since June 15 later moved to the ICU on July 22. And her son Shimul entered the isolation ward on July 21.

According to Rob, there are 18 ICU beds in the hospital, of which 15 are occupied while the remaining three beds are not functional.

Chattogram is currently facing the worst crisis of covid 19 due to the latest wave that hit the country. Reports show that deaths and infections are increasing every day, which then causes the ICU bed crisis.

According to Brigadier General SM Humayun Kabir, the Director of Chittagon Medical College Hospital, there are no vacant ICU beds in the hospital right now. But many critical patients still urgently need ICU facilities for better treatment.

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